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Cellum brings Budapest transport ticket purchases to smartphones

Leading European mobile wallet provider Cellum has launched its integration with Hungary’s National Electronic Ticketing Platform, allowing users of Telenor Wallet to purchase and present Budapest public transport tickets easily, conveniently and securely via their smartphones.

The National Unified Ticketing Platform (NEJP) is a nation-wide system that enables consumers to purchase all sorts of tickets and passes offered by various local and regional public transport service providers digitally. Telenor Wallet, one of Hungary’s most popular mobile wallets, is the first payment app developed by Cellum to gain access to NEJP’s services.

The new release of Telenor Wallet introduces the ability for users to purchase tickets offered by the Centre for Budapest Transport, Budapest’s official public transport company, against their phone bills. This method, called carrier billing, allows even consumers who do not hold a bank card, to ditch cash and instead make digital purchases. In addition, Telenor Wallet also lets users present their tickets upon boarding vehicles, providing a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper tickets.

While the new feature was only just recently introduced, Cellum is already working on making more public transport service providers available to its partners.